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Sync Media Solutions represents almost every phone and cable provider across the country, including, but not limited to those listed below.

Why Sync Network Solutions?

Sync Network Solutions’ experienced communication consultants help you navigate through a sea of options available to you in your local area market for business internet, telephone, and video services. We work on your behalf with local and national technology service providers to negotiate the highest value options with the best possible rate and terms that suit your business needs and budget.

blueTowerWe start with auditing your technology services and billing from your current technology providers, closely examine your service records with these carriers and compare what you are currently spending on services with all other technology providers in your market area. We then give you a comprehensive quote with rates and terms from technology service providers that are available in your local area market and let you pick what works best for you, best of all there is no cost to you the business owner or manager to obtain a quote for services. But we don’t stop there, if you make a decision to change technology providers we will help with making the transition seamless by bring in our industry experienced technicians to work with your current and new providers while you go through the change.

We can help with changes to your local network settings (i.e. IP Settings), cross connect telephone wires from your current provider to new provider, and confirm all services are working without error. As a result of using our services you’ll know exactly what services you have, what services are available to you and that they are optimized for your needs. Best of all you’ll know that you’re getting the best competitive price in the market place for what you want and need for your business.



  • Confirm Your Business Technology Services & Billing
  • Compare Rates from All Local & National Technology Service Providers
  • Minimize Technology Expenses & Increase Profitability
  • Professional Technical Competence
  • Expert Support & Maintenance of your Computer, Telecom and Video Network Services
  • Highest Level of Customer Satisfaction
  • Business Internet Implementation, Support and Maintenance
  • Business IT and Desktop Support
  • Network Design and Support
  • Large Scale Satellite TV and Cable Implementation, Support and Maintenance


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What customers say


Joey Cork

Joey Cork

President, Cork Consulting

Sync Network Solutions provides FREE Billing Services Always

“Sync Network Solutions opened our eyes as they brought five other carriers to the table and provided us with tremendous savings.

Just like their logo says a world of options with one solution.”

Rosemary Loven

Rosemary Loven

Owner and Manager, Vineyards Executives Suites tion

Sync Network Solutions Finds Billing Errors 97% of the Time

“After trying to negotiate for two years with the phone company, Sync Network Solutions came in and quickly secured a better rate, savings us nearly $8,800 over the next three years. We couldn’t be happier.”